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After 300 acquisitions and over 80 exits, we are more than happy to share our latest private equity news with you. As a committed private equity partner, Riverside wants to keep you informed about our recent investments, exits, expansions, and other related company news.

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News Releases

April 18, 2017Riverside Helps Dwyer Sparkle
April 17, 2017 Riverside Closes Its Strategic Capital Fund Above Target
April 10, 2017The Riverside Company Welcomes Minority Investor
April 05, 2017Riverside Fills Kneed at Global Ortho
March 23, 2017Riverside Finds Great Chemistry With Add-On
March 22, 2017Riverside Promotes Two Partners
March 20, 2017Riverside Updates Software Investment
February 10, 2017Riverside Adds a Crown to ProSites Platform
February 01, 2017Riverside Exits YourMembership
January 23, 2017Riverside Doesn’t Waffle, Invests in Nustef Foods
January 11, 2017Riverside Engineers Great Exit With iAutomation
January 10, 2017Arrowhead’s New Year Revolves Around Growth
January 09, 2017Riverside Starts 2017 in the Same Mold as Last Year
January 03, 2017Riverside Invests In Castlewood